Stepping onto the campus of the Lycée International in St Germain en Laye, you won’t be blamed for mistaking it for the headquarters of the United Nations. From the 15 Flags flying high at the main gate to the babble of different languages, you are thrown into a cultural richness that is very unique for a French School. The system itself is set up to raise perfectly bilingual children while following both the French curriculum and the OIB.

So how does it work?

The Lycée infact is 15 schools in one (see full list below). Each individual section follows their own national curriculum and have their own governing body. Children apply via their own sections and upto the end of Primary, they can choose to be an ‘Externe’ where they come to the Lycée campus (or partner schools) for 6 hours a week and stay in their local French schools for the rest of the time. The Lycée also offers full time places but as you can imagine, these places are like gold dust. The French classes are made up of students from each other section. A wonderful mix of culture that provides an invaluable education that is not just academic. Students who get a full time place have 6 hours of their ‘Section’ classes a week, same as the Externe, but stay on the Campus for the French lessons. From Middle School onwards, the ‘Externe’ system is no longer an option and all the students are given a Full time place either on the main campus or in Partner schools.

The School Campus

The School has a sprawling campus in the picturesque town of Saint Germain en Laye, only 20 minutes from Paris via RER. This town has a beautiful Chateau that used to be a summer residence for royals and today is a mini Paris with a lot of International inhabitants. The Lycée too has it’s own little Chateau which gives the school a historical charm. Recently, the Chateau and the other parts of the grounds have undergone a hefty facelift and is now a modern campus with all kinds of facilities for the children.

Life for the Students

An elite school, the Lycée International prides itself in providing a very high standard of education that is recognised in Universities worldwide. The British and American Sections are more sought after due to the English language but the uniqueness of the Lycée international is that they provide the opportunity for smaller communities such as the Swedish, Norwegian & Russian sections to get educated in their own language. Country traditions play an important role in individual sections which not only keep the culture going amongst their own students but also provide a sense of community to the parents. The Lycée Fêtes are the ideal showcase for some of these traditions and are are enjoyed by all.  

Life for the Families

Besides St Germain en Laye, there are many little charming towns and villages within a short distance of the Lycée to choose from. Although close to Paris, these towns are never too far from a field or a forest and this, along with the large international communitiy, is what makes living here very attractive to expats.

List of Sections

American Section, British Section, Chinese Section, Danish Section, Dutch Section, German Section, Italian Section, Japanese Section, Norwegian Section, Polish Section, Portugese Section, Russian Section, Spanish Section, Swedish Section