An Expatriate's Lifeline in Paris

An Expatriate's Lifeline in Paris

Relocation is stressful. The stress is multiplied tenfold when you are relocating to a foreign land and are not fluent in the language or familiar with the culture. Settling down in Paris could be challenging to say the least. Not only are you alone with no close friends and family to support you, but the challenges of COVID make it harder to meet any locals at present. Bereft from your support system, we need all the help we can to find our feet and not feel helpless in an unknown environment.

Under normal circumstances, Paris, the city of lights is known for its museums, numerous cafés & restaurants, strolls around the Eiffel tower and along the Seine, wonderful boutiques, the list can go on and on! While Paris has ample to offer, discovering the secrets of the city takes time. Paris is a popular tourist destination but relocating here for a longer period is a whole other ball game. You are starting an exciting new chapter in your life by deciding to relocate to Paris in order to study or start a new job, but it can be a rude shock moving to France if you don’t speak French. You will have a lot on your plate and could do with some help.

Before you find your groove in Paris you may find situations that would normally not make you blink your eye in your hometown, a lot more stressful to deal with here. How do you find a place to live that will accept you as a tenant? Once you have your place, where do you start to get all your utilities in order?  You think you have your internet sorted but then the internet provider has lost your box, what do you do?  How do you open a Bank account? No one’s ever told you about the chicken and egg situation this generates, have they?  If you don’t have an address you can’t get a bank account but if you don’t have a bank account, it’s hard to get an apartment and round and round it goes....What you need is a trusted Expat Service company. An English-speaking service with the knowledge of local ways can smoothen the way.

At Time4UNow we do a lot more than providing relocation and concierge services, we can be the expat lifeline in Paris and do all the regular and not-so-regular tasks to help ease your lives and become your support system while you get settled in and throughout your stay. We provide a variety of hand holding services, for example, help with house hunting, schools, applying for Visas etc. You can contact us to find a solution to most of your problems, we are always happy to help and up for a chat!

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