Hurrah! Our Concierge Service company has reached its one year milestone.

Hurrah! Our Concierge Service company has reached its one year milestone.

One year already since we launched our Concierge Services company, Time4unow, what an exciting journey it has been! We have met so many wonderful people and we are so thankful to our clients who have trusted us to take care of them and to our service providers who have stood up to the challenge of providing high quality, rapid service (time can often be an issue in our beloved France) and therefore enabling us to lay foundations for our reputation of getting things done efficiently.

We are often asked by the local French people of what our concierge service can do for them, for in their view, a concierge is usually someone who takes care of a building and a Conciergerie is  someone who takes care of guests at a hotel.

The actual term ‘Concierge’ dates back to the medieval age where in French, the ‘Comte des Cierges’ meant ‘Keeper of the Candles’ and was responsible for the comfort of visiting nobles in a castle. The latin word ‘Conservius’ means ‘fellow slave’. Now, while we do not take care of buildings per say or work in hotels, we certainly want to be responsible for the comfort of our clients and to provide a complete service so that our clients feel cossetted and secure in their decision of letting us take over their chores so that they can focus on activities that are more fulfilling for them.



So what do we do?   

  • We provide a personalised service tailored to you.


  • We follow up on each request and are involved from the beginning to the end until you are satisfied.


  • We supply recommended service providers through our network. We are constantly searching for the best possible service professional for you. Our quality of Service providers is what makes us strong.


  • We negotiate, arrange schedules, chase estimates, follow up on the work so that you don’t have to.


  • Our established relationships with our service providers secure a more rapid response and we try and make sure that our clients get priority.


  • We provide convenience and reduce stress.


  • We bring security and comfort in the knowledge that you can count on us for every need that you have.


  • We are available to you for any questions or advice. We are your personal guidebook and search engine.


  • We offer you today’s most priceless commodity - your time! 


So whether you have just arrived in France as an Expat or are French & have lived here all your life, we would love to continue assisting you in the years to come. This past year has taught us how precious time is and between work and running after the family’s needs, life becomes mostly about survival. If we can lighten that load, then let us!! We also know how challenging it can be to arrive in a country where language is a barrier and trying to find out where to go for the most mundane chore can take up half a day (or more)! Let us do it for you. We look forward to growing our business with you and getting to know you!


Aparna & Gabrielle