Moving to a new country and away from your familiar surroundings can be a very daunting task and seem like an uphill battle. Simple everyday tasks which you would otherwise take in your stride become insurmountable obstacles to your happiness.
TIME4UNOW will support you from the moment you arrive till the time you leave and guide you throughout your stay. We offer a full range of  services to help you get settled.  We hope to be indispensable to you and provide convenience to ease your day to day life and to make your transition to France as easy as possible.


TIME4UNOW provides personalised services to Expats depending on  individual needs. We have listed samples of services that we can help you with. If you don’t find what you’re looking for within our categories, please contact us and we shall find what you need.

House Hunting & Relocation Services

Are you an Expat who is thinking of moving to Paris or you already live here but would like to change location? We provide assistance with property search to buy or rent in the Paris area.

Whether you are just arriving in Paris or moving way, our relocation services will ease the transition. We arrange moving services, end of stay cleaning and repair services and help you terminate or set up utility bills amongst others.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services

As an expat in Paris, you will face a mountain of administrative tasks in French and this will make your head spin. Are you looking for an English speaking service to help you navigate the bureaucracy? Do not worry, we are here and can help you ease the stress of being in a new
country with a foreign language.

Renovation & Repair work

Renovation & Repair work

Do you need a reliable contractor to remodel your bathroom or someone to manage the total renovation of your house? Our bilingual managers can oversee your entire project or simply connect you with the right kind of service provider to ensure a smooth running of your house
project, whatever it might be.

Other Services

Other Services

Does the thought of calling any service on the phone in French fill you with dread? Would you like to find a cleaner or a gardener and do not know where to start? Maybe you would like to find a dog sitter for your beautiful pooches or someone to take away a wasp’s nest from your roof? Whatever you are looking for, our English speaking staff will always help you find a solution.

Are you sick of getting lost in translation?

Do you need a one stop shop for all information and advice?

Would you like someone to call and arrange appointments on your behalf?

Do you need a one stop shop for all information and advice?

Would you feel relieved if you had someone by your side and accompany you for certain appointments?

Are you looking for various services for your daily needs but don’t know where to turn?

Would you like the convenience of someone handling everything for you?

Would you like to save time?

We are a team of foreigners who have experienced the different challenges presented when arriving in a new country and we have lived in France for a substantial length of time and therefore know how people and things function here and know where to find the information required.

We have an expansive address book to be able to recommend various services to you and have access to the international community as well as a team of people who speak different languages if needed.

We have the added advantage of being locals in the area and therefore have a wide knowledge of the service providers in Yvelines.


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