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An Expatriate's Lifeline in Paris

Relocating can be stressful and seeking help from a Relocation company such as Time4unow, can be a real lifeline and support to help...

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Professional Organiser - A Luxury or a Necessity?

As an Expat moving can be exciting but also quite stressful. Robynne, a professional organiser in Paris can assist you to relieve...

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Moving to Paris? 7 Steps to prepare your...

When you decide to move away from your home country where everything is familiar, you speak the language, you understand the system...

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Lycée International is a unique bilingual school near Paris located in saint Germain en Laye

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Dog etiquette in France !!

They are widely loved and you will strike up conversations with the least likely of strangers regarding your pooch’s character

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Yoga in english

Caroline Edström is originally half Swedish and half French, but has lived in France for the past 25 years.  She is a devoted yoga...

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Fancy a day trip?

What shall we do this Saturday afternoon? You may think, lying around on the sofa doing nothing and looking out at a clear blue sky...

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La Galette des Rois

Are you full to the brink and cannot think of eating another morsel of food until next Christmas? Well then you ...

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A welcoming wine bar for locals & expats...

Au Ballon Rouge is found on 2 Rue de la Procession on the corner of the Place du Marché and is a lovely wine bar/ Restaurant...

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Renovation Project?

Are you too busy and don’t have the possibility to be present at all times to check that things are proceeding as they should...

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Things we have learned about running a business...

Here are some things we have learned after running a business in France after one year. The first thing we learned ...

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Hurrah! Our Concierge Service company has...

One year already since we launched our Concierge Services company, Time4unow, what an exciting journey ...

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